Extract and Format element of 3 columns in Variable table copied by excel

Hi @azinchuk and @ashapkina,
I wonder if you can explain me how I can extract each column of table variable to 3 string variable and format using Substring.
I create a excel file with 3 columns using excel formula. I need to extract the last 12 months from a application and save 12 excel with the month in the name of the excel.
So I create the excel file below to get the 12 last months to entry the start date (column A) and end date (column B) in a filter of my web application, run the report and salve in excel file with the name of the column C.

@miriam.lara you can save all data to a table variable, and then iterate through it using For Each loop (by row).

Then, using Constant value action, you can assign the value of each cell in the row to a String variable (cell1 to start_date, cell2 to emd_date, etc.)

And then use these string variables in other actions:

  • to insert date in some fields on a web page

  • type the name of the report

for-each-with-table.zip (875 Bytes)

Hope it helps!

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Alesia, @ashapkina, thanks a lot, this help me very much. I couldn’t use the xPath because during the execution of the BOT the xPath in not found in the application. I used image do Click in the labels and its working. Also, my spreadsheet has many formulas to get the last 12 months and the getRange doesn’t work with cell with formula, so I had to copy all sheet to another sheet without formula (only values of the cell), and now it’s working too.
The WF team need to improve this feature Get Range in WorkingFusion.
But for now all workaround that I created is working.
Now, I need to copy all contents of the 12 excel files to 1 big excel file , run a MACRO to extract the hiperlinks in 2 columns to import the big file data in PowerBi.
I hope I can do this. :slight_smile:
thanks again.

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@miriam.lara this is a valid point about working with formulas.

In RPA Express 2.2, which we are planning for December, Excel actions will be able to save the values from cells with formulas.

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Alesia, @ashapkina, that’s great!!! Good to know!

Alesia, I’m having some issues with Keystroke to get the correct keyboards that I typed. Sometimes, the WF start to include the {ALT} or {CTRL} and I type to salve the shortcut. So, when this happing I need to close the WF Studio or sometimes boot my computer to start to get again the correct shortcut.
Do you have some solution or tips to tell me to stop to happing this issue?
In the example below I type CTRL+W but WF get ALT+CTRL+W. I’m trying to type ALT+F4 , it’s getting blank.
Capture3 e


Yes, there is a bug in the current version with the keystrokes

We have fixed it for RPA Express 2.2, too. - https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/RPA+Express+2.2.0

To enter Alt + F4, you can use this workaround

can i copy web table data into a table variable

In 1 action - no, you can’t. But you can save each column of a table in a list variable, and then combine in a table. You can find an example script of it in Welcome page in the Studio.


Thank you…

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