Extract data from one Excel data table to another

I want to scrape some data from one data table to another.
As example, i have dTFirst with columns from A to G, with dynamic size(new file can consider another length of columns)
I need to extract columns “A”,“B”, “E” and paste them into another dataTable Excel file.
But i dont know how iterate through list or dataTable variable, like its possible in programming languages(C,C#).
How to build logic/algorithm of this process in RPA Express?

Hi, @e_zhereliuk
Here is an example

You basically need 2 excel actions

  1. Read column you need and place it to List variable
  2. Open New Excel File (default position will be A1)
    Iterate through every item in created list and place its value to cell below

To copy entire columns, use the Get Column action - https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Excel#Excel-GetColumn

To iterate through a List or Table - use the For Each loop, see:

I have column headers in my dataTable(like a1 cell is header), get column activity saves data to list variable with headers,can i edit list variable end delete first element of it?Foreach loop has filter property, how to tune it for my case(dynamic size of lists)


You can also check these topics:


My requirement is to open multiple sheets in a single workbook and perform some actions in each sheet, hence im right now using the functionality of open spreadsheet, switch and save to move to a particular sheet(say Gsec Obligation) and then performing my required operations in that sheet and then repeating the procedure of open spreadsheet, switch and save to move to another sheet, (i.e., CBLO maturity) though the switch sheet is happening properly , both the sheets are linked(both are highlighted in white as shown in the image below) now because of which any changes made to my second sheet are also reflecting in first sheet.
image ,

@jyoti_rupanwar Hello,
You can see the possible solution above in this topic.

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