Facing problem to run OCR



Hi All,

Need to run OCR on screen where we are not able to select or copy .
As I saw OCR in RPAe need to implement while playing the recording on Control tower it show error
"image not found"

and different error while running it on Studio.

Rakesh Boraniya


Please share your recording.



We will not be able to help you until you add more description, share your zipped recording folder here (from Media Files panel), and post the error logs.


The “image not found” error can be caused when robot cannot find the Anchor area during the OCR action:

Verify that your bot can access the same image as in the Anchor area on that particular step.

Possible solutions:

  • add Wait (delay)
  • check which Window is active
  • change the OCR image are if it is inaccurate or dynamic


Hi, @azinchuk

Can you please provide any example to run OCR dynamic data is coming.

Rakesh Boraniya


Please see the image above:

  1. The Anchor area content should be present on all screens you want to OCR with this action
  2. The OCR area content can be dynamic (any text or image)