Feature requests for RPA Express

Daer Team

I have a few requests at the RPA Express.

  1. It wants that the OCR reader of Studio will be able to recognize Japanese Symbols.
    This request is already discussing with your support team.
  2. It wants that the OCR action of Studio will add the means of mapping fields from extracted data like as the UI of Manual Task in Control Tower.
  3. It want that the functions of building a bot will be consolidated to the Studio.
    Now the Control Tower has some means of building a bot as the Task. For example, Manual Task, new task bot with coding scripts. So we have to manage where bots are located. I think that it should be better separating the rolls of the Control Tower and the Studio. The roll of Control Tower is only building and managing of running the Business Process and the roll of Studio building various type of bots. And then publish them to Control tower for building Business Process. I think it is simple and helping for managing bots.
  4. I would like to increase the menu in the action library of Studio so that the non IT beginner like me does not have to code with groovy or Java.
  5. I would like to change the browser of Studio like as other features, so that Japanese people will be able to translate automatically to Japanese with browser plugins.

Best regards,
Shigeki Hagiwara