Fetch invoices details in Scanned PDF

I am new in WorkFusion.Can anybody suggest me solution in the following scenario :slight_smile:

WorkFusion Version: 2.4.0 (Business Version)(One Month Trial)

I have one pdf which contains multiple invoice information.

For example, PDF contains 20 pages then may be possible it contain 20 or 18 or 17 invoices details in that.

This is scanned pdf so I always got XPath for page1,page2…page20 , not got individual element XPath

So, how Can I get all invoice details?

Possible solution: I have to put each page OCR but it is a too much time-consuming and not effective solution.

Question 1: How Can I achieve this target?
Question 2: Business version provide any features for that?? If yes then please suggest me.
Question 3: Should I go to the Enterprise version of this type of cases???

Hi @BIUSer if you copy XPaths for the same element on different pages (for example, company name), is there any rule that will allow you to define the XPaths for this element on the next page?

If there is, then it might be possible to extract all data in a While loop using Exception Handling.

The workflow will look as follows:

  • open the file
  • while loop:
    • extract the data using xpaths (actions need to be in the Exception handling)
    • scroll to the next page in the document
  • if an exception occurred, then there is next page from which to extract the data, so close the file.

Hope it helps!