Fetching list values from a table column

Hi, I’m trying to assign a value of a column in table type variable which holds data in the typical list format. Is it possible to assign this value to a recorder variable of list type? Is this doable?

E.g. My table variable looks like this
[[‘john’, ‘john@email.com’, ‘male’, [‘reading’, ‘music’]], [‘jack’, ‘jack@email.com’, ‘male’, [‘trecking’, ‘adventure’]], [‘jill’, ‘jill@email.com’, ‘female’, [‘driving’, ‘horse riding’]]]

4 columns namely,
name, email, gender, hobbies

and hobbies holds the data in the list format which I need to get into a list variable to be able to iterate through.

Is this doable? if not then what is the workaround?

Hi @veenaa you can do it with a simple custom script

   input = ['my_table'],   
   output = 'first_column'
def CustomScriptAction1() {

first_column = my_table.getColumn(1)


You can read more about custom actions and script samples here: https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Script+as+Custom+Action

Hi, I could achieve this using clipboard actions twice. First for copying table column into a string variable and second for copying string into a list variable. Works well.