File Move from one folder to another


Dear Team,

Can we move any file (csv, xls, txt, pdf) from one folder to another folder using RPA express.



Hi @sarveshmishra
I do that via this:
Open folder where the file resides
Select file
Keystrokes ctrl-x
Open folder where file should go
Keystrokes ctrl-v

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For opening a folder I know two ways:
Keystrokes win-r
Keystrokes filepath
Keystrokes enter
Launch a batch file via Applications action that opens the folder in file explorer

Are there other ways anyone can recommend?

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@sarveshmishra - we plan to introduce file and folder actions in 1.1.6 and 1.1.7 releases. Stay tuned!


Should be able to run a .bat file or execute keystroke actions from the CMD prompt that will copy then delete original file: “copy c:\dir1\ c:\dir2\” then from dir1, “del

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