Files and Folders - Cannot Access Mapped Shared Drive 1.1.8


Files and Folders functions (like Check Existence and Get Folder Contents) do not work when trying to access a Share drive in Windows. While I am able to easily access the C: drive, when I try to point to S: drive, I need to point to the server itself. For the items in the screenshot below:

  1. C:\RPABOT\IT\Test|ARPayments\InputFiles (both actions worked)
  2. S:\RPABOT\IT\Test|ARPayments\InputFiles (neither actions worked)
  3. \fwsan4\shared\RPABOT\IT\Test|ARPayments\InputFiles (both actions worked)

Can you fix the problem with it not recognizing the mapped share drive?

Assignment 10, dynamic naming and opening document


Hi John,
Thanks a lot for pointing out this issue.
We will see if we can include this in our roadmap, but it is hard to say anything about the time frame now.
In the meantime, we will add instructions on working with shared drives to the knowledge base.