Files and Folders not working



I am trying to copy folder from source file where 4 folders are located (each folder contains 2 folder and they contain files).i.e test1,test2,test3,test4

I have taken the get folder and files into list variable and write a copy code in foreach loop. once I copy the source folders they copied source folders i.e test1,test2,test3,test4into destination folder. Once copied all folder they have copied subfolders 4 times.

Note:in copy acion I have taken source=${item}

please suggest solution.


@amol_sonavane please share your recording here to see the details.


hi ashapkina thanks for your reply…issue was resolve…

I want to schedule this file movement activity. Can you please tell me how to schedule work so that every day bot will copy file and paste it into destination folder…


You can publish the recording to Control Tower and create a schedule for it to run at intervals you choose.
Currently, all processes in Control Tower start according to GMT time zone, so you need to keep in mind the time gap with your time zone when scheduling a task.


thanks I will try and let you know.


Hi ashapkina,

I am trying to publish recording.but below error occur.

Note: control tower is running.



Restart RPA Express and try publishing again. If it still doesn’t work follow these steps from the troubleshooting guide: