Filter in Get Folders contents


I need to read certain Excel files that are in a folder, but the filter does not work for me. I need to know the name of the Excel files and that they contain “C1”.
The files are these:

I use “Get Folders contents”:

But it returns in the variable “filesc1” all files.

What should I put if I just want to know the name of the files that are xlsx and contain “C1”?
Thank you.


Hi @jamo
You need to check the Name box to apply the filter.
Also, try using this regex: .*C1.*.xlsx



Hi ashapkina.
It Works when I use:
but when I use:
not return files.
I need filter the files that contain “C1” only.


Try with a dot after C1: .*C1.*.xlsx


It works now!
Thank you very much.


One question more…
Can I filter by C1 OR CCH by example?


You can use | as an OR condition in regex.
You expression should look like this: .*C1.*.xlsx|.*C2.*.xlsx


Perfect !!!
Thank you very much !!!