Filter RTable using custom script




I’m using the following script to loop the HTML table(250 rows) and filter the data. Is there any other alternative is available to filter the table data to improve the performance?

input = [‘temp_table’,‘srt_findtxt’,‘srt_table’]

def customScript() {
for(def row=RNumber.of(1);row<=temp_table.getNumberOfRows();row++){
if(temp_table.get(row,2) != ‘Pending’ && temp_table.get(row,3).contains(srt_findtxt)){
srt_table.addRow(temp_table.get(row,1), temp_table.get(row,2), temp_table.get(row,3))


@anandhan Does this custom action work slowly?


Not sure, but I tried to tune the code

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