Filtering data in form of a table from excel and pasting to a new excel sheet

Hi, I’m a first time user on RPA, and I was wondering if there was a way to filter information from excel and copy paste that info into a separate excel sheet.

I have a table of reconciliation data and I only want to filter out the rows that have transfers and copy paste them.

Hi Trisha.
What kind of filtering you mean? I think, there can be 2 options: filter rows in Excel using Window Control or copy data in List/Table variables and filter it in loop.
Then you can paste variables value in another sheet.

Thank you for the quick feedback.

I’m trying to automate a reconciliation, I have information on a excel document and I want to copy all the transfers into another excel document.

I tried filtering the excel using windows, however it does not work. I’m getting a mouse click error, and when the bot comes to the filtering step it does not filter.

Ultimately it would be best to extract the data from the original file which is a pdf document, is it possible to get the robot to search for all transfers in the pdf and then copy and paste the specific rows into excel?

Hi @trisha it can be possible to extract data from a pdf file using OCR, but it depends on which data you need to extract. Can you share an example of such file and all the data you need to extract from it?
All pdf files have to have the same format (look the same) in order to use OCR.

Also, this topic might be helpful for filtering an excel file