Filtering Excel files

excel_filtering_part2.rar (3.0 KB)
Can you open this?

I tried with typing in notepad, single dates are typed in the same way as today_string date, but when I tried to type from variable new_table, it’s not the same. So, should I make a new Table variable with these formatted dates?

No, sorry, I can’t.
To share the recording, go to C:\Users\user\workfusion-workspace\rpae_project\recording_folder, zip the folder and post here.

I have done that, I don’t know why you cant open…Can I send you this via email?

You can send it via a personal message on the forum.
Please make sure to zip the whole folder.

I’ve sent you a personal message, I zipped the whole folder.

Here is the screenshot of FOR LOOP, and execution log. I want FINAL LIST to be the whole row which contains today date. part7

Thank you @svilimanovic. I’ll have a look.

I think that now works fine, but data are not separated by columns, all data are in one cell.
excel_filtering_part2 - (5.1 KB)

@svilimanovic what should be the final result of the script?
Are you supposed to get a table consisting of rows which contain today_string?

Yes, I want table that only has rows which contain today_string. Also, I have to make yesterday_string variable, because I need row with today and yesterday date, but I think the biggest challenge here is how to filter only those rows into another table.

I have changes your script a little bit. Looks like now it does what it is supposed to.
Can you try it out?
excel_filtering_part2 - (7.8 KB)

It was changed using RPA Express 2.0.3, so you will have to update to this version (if you haven’t yet) to open it.

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Hi @ashapkina,

Thanks a lot for the help, when I update RPA to the newest version, I’ll run this process.

In meanwhile, I made a groovy script for this (mostly using java coding), it’s more flexible I think.

Thanks again, you helped me a lot :slight_smile:

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Great! :grinning: Let me know how it goes after the update.

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Sure! :grinning::+1:

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