Find and Replace Key Strokes will not work in foreground

I posted about this once before in August and still have no solution! I have a document open on screen NOT in the background and the find and replace key functions do not work. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue and or has a solution!

Thank you so much!

Can you share your recording to see the actions?

Hi! So sorry for the delay! I am trying to use the CTRL + H Command to do find and replace in a file. This isn’t working. I am trying to find certain instances and then replace with a different value.

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Does the script not open the Find and Replace window? Or does it show some error?

It does not open the find and replace window!

Does the action before it work (Ctrl+a) and select the data?

Try adding a small timeout to the Ctrl+h action…

@eshea8 do you still have this issue with the keystrokes actions?