Firefox issues



Hi Sasha,

I have some isse with Firefox. It there any Chance that I can uninstall only Firefox and install again or I need to uninstall all WorkFusion?



Hi Monika,

Please describe your issues for us to understand the reason or propose solutions.

The browser which is bundled in RPA Express is Firefox Portable - so it does not require installation.



The Firefox Portable use to work well untill today morning.

Then when I tried to open webside I am getting following message:

Once I am changing browser for Chromium Portable the webside is opening well. My issue with using Chromium is that I do not have xpath helper.

I will be very glad for any help.



ok, I installed xPath helper and seams to working but still would like to know what is happening with Firefox :slight_smile:



This is rather unexpected behaviour. Need your help here a bit.
Does it happen for any website?
Can you try to run it in safe mode ( and see if the same issue is reproduced?


@mlaszczynska - have you tried to do the steps above?


@mlaszczynska - do you have any updates?