Firefox Table2Clipboard Error



When running Firefox Portable manually from File Explorer, the Table2Clipboard Add-on works fine as shown in the video (0:30 to 0:42).

However, executing an RPA Express Recorder, the Table2Clipboard Add-on for Firefox Portable does not work as shown in the video (1:04 - 1:275).

Couple of questions:

  1. Does RPA Record use a different version of Firefox Portable?
  2. How do you make sure Table2Clipboard is available within the RPA Recorder?



hi, @phat_tran
Video is blocked. Please, enable access by the link


Unlocked video. Please review and provide feedback.



Thanks for reporting this issue. We will notify you when it is fixed.


Thanks @azinchuk Looking forward to resume work.



Hi @azinchuk
this is still an open issue, right? The table2clipboard option does not appear when opening firefox portable via the open website action.


yep, it is not fixed yet.


I managed to fix this one by copying the table2clipboard xpi file to

Notice that C:\RPAExpress is the default installation folder

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