Firefox Table2Clipboard Error

When running Firefox Portable manually from File Explorer, the Table2Clipboard Add-on works fine as shown in the video (0:30 to 0:42).

However, executing an RPA Express Recorder, the Table2Clipboard Add-on for Firefox Portable does not work as shown in the video (1:04 - 1:275).

Couple of questions:

  1. Does RPA Record use a different version of Firefox Portable?
  2. How do you make sure Table2Clipboard is available within the RPA Recorder?


hi, @phat_tran
Video is blocked. Please, enable access by the link

Unlocked video. Please review and provide feedback.


Thanks for reporting this issue. We will notify you when it is fixed.

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Thanks @azinchuk Looking forward to resume work.


Hi @azinchuk
this is still an open issue, right? The table2clipboard option does not appear when opening firefox portable via the open website action.

yep, it is not fixed yet.

I managed to fix this one by copying the table2clipboard xpi file to

Notice that C:\RPAExpress is the default installation folder

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