For each last item not executed when progress indicator closes


Strange behaviour : here is my code

When it arrives at action #40 for the first time (first iteration of the loop) , progress indicator closes and actions #41 #42 are not executed.
Then the for-each loop continues and from the second iteration all actions including actions #41 #42 are executed

So at the very first iteration of the for-each it leaves my first acrobat file opened as keystrokes are not executed during the first loop …

So I added some fancy actions after the for-each loop to see if this is because of being the last instructions …

Same behaviour happened : at action #40 progress indicator closes and actions #41 #42 are not executed at first iteration , but everything else worked correctly until last action

Any idea about this behaviour ?


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try to insert a Wait action or increase the timeout for the Window and Enter Keystrokes action


Do you use the latest 1.1.3 version?


yes, 1.1.3
I will retry with different timeout values


please post the results here.

You can try more generic one - without complex and image-based actions - that can be run on any PC



Any news?

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Sorry for late reply : was out for a couple of weeks
This is answer to topic (archived now)

Yes, it does work when setinng a timeout for each item in the for-each loop

What is interresting is that in this case the progress indicator does not close until all actions are executed. (and not at the first entry in the for-each)

Thanks for your suggestion Sacha ! It really does help !

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