For Each Loop Open URL Error


I am receiving an error opening a URL in Chrome. This is within a For Each Loop, the first iteration opens the URL perfectly, however the second iteration is when the error occurs.

Hi @WALTG014, could you share the full Actions Flow?

If access to search keywords in the list variables,
XPath of inputbox in the homepage:

XPath of inputbox in the homepage:

Add shortcut key [Alt+←] to back to the homepage for the next search.

Hi Shawn,

Unfortunately this is a small piece of a large flow so the back shortcut will not be sufficient. See below snip it of the open website actions flow.

Snip It

Hi @WALTG014, here’s the sample file for your reference.

Data capture:

Actions Flow:

If there is the header in the 1st row, should start the loop from the 2nd row.

Exactly how I have it set-up, I even set the Wait for 30,000 ms. Still receiving the same error I posted originally stating it is caused by: “Invalid Session ID”