For Each Loop running very slowly

Hi Guys,

I am trying to compare values to one another in 2 tables. So I am extracting the data from a column in table 1 and comparing it to a similar column in table 2 and extracting information from table 2 depending on whether or not the data matches. The problem is i need to run 2 for each loops to achieve the goal. I am running one for each loop to iterate through table 1 and then another for each loop within the table 1 for each loop to iterate through table 2 to compare the values. However this takes extremely long. I would also like to state that I am executing all of these functions within the workfusion studio so its not executing these functions on any external systems its all internal, why is it so slow? Is there any way to speed up the for each loops? or is there a better way to effectively do an excel vlookup between two tables in workfusion?

Hi @shuan.vanhuyssteen which version of RPA Express are you using? Can you share your recording to have a look?

Hi @shuan.vanhuyssteen please provide more details about your issue.

Thank you.

Hi Alesia I managed to fix the problem thank you :slight_smile:

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@shuan.vanhuyssteen I know this is old, but what was your solution to this problem?