For Each Loop Summary Help

Hello Everyone,

I just took the Low-code Skill Set in Automation Academy.
I have an idea on what the other Loops does but still getting confused on how to use For Each.
I know it will Loop every data in it until it’s done.

But the Video Lesson is kind of confusing cause it is teaching me how to use it using the List Variables.
Then continue on using Tables for the assignment.

Does anyone have a Template of it using Tables or explain it for me on how to use For Each on Tables.
The example rpae in the For Each assignment is not really helpful for me cause it is not working.

I’ve seen other topics with the same issue for me and solutions that never worked for me.

 • Having Brackets ([Data, Data] , [Data, Data]).
 • Having difficulty on how to get Individual Data in Column 1 then continue to Column 2.

It will be a great help cause I tried to continue without really understanding it and the next assignments are requiring to use For Each Loops.

Thank you!