For Loop Variable element, how can it be read in a single value variable?


line_tbl- emp_id, dept_name, emp_name
var string;

For element in line_tbl
var=element(1)—this index is not possible to be given now.

Can we have this? Is there any workaround?

@supriyo_sarkar Could you post your recording or a screenshot here?

data_set_example.docx (81.5 KB)

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in the above example say I want to capture empID in the variable, I have no option. there can be workarounds, but direct index is not available

As I understand, you want to use filter in step 4.
There is a bug in using filters in tables in the current version.

You can use index in the Expression instead.

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In if block when I use the above format within the for loop it seems not working

@supriyo_sarkar Could you post a screenshot of your actions or your recording?

When i try to use the things in screenshot u gave var1 appears in expression only if type is number not string

For string variables, you can use Constant value action