Forwarding_to_node_failed error with RPA Express


downloaded the RPA Express 2.2 and seems like there is something fundamentally broken with the setup as now the first process fails immediately. Error message indicates to non-existent bots however those are running when I start the process (either from Studio or Control Tower) but those seem to bring down the bot.

Processes were working just fine with the 2.1.x version. (don’t remember exactly which one I had installed)

Regards, Petri

Hello @peke_robot
Could you please describe with more details? Where you see the error?
Also I recommend you to check whether your bot is started in Platform Monitor. You just need to click on Bot Manager in tray menu and it will open the required page in your web browser.

This was super weird issue. It repeated with multiple different processes until I found one that I was able to complete. Then after that, without ANY changes, the same original processes started to work out ok.

Was naturally always checking that the Bot was up and running before launching the process, but the processes brought the Bot down initially.

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This same issue was repeated with two of my colleagues. Initially the processes failed, but gradually the Bot started to stay up and not crash with each process.

I think you really may want to look into this as exact same thing happened to three different people with setup on three different machines.

Thank you for the information @peke_robot. Could you send the rpa logs (C:\RPAExpress\RPA\logs) for the days when you had these issues, for investigation?