Framework using RPA Express

Is it possible to create a proper framework using RPA Express? I want to make reusable components that can be used multiple times in a Business Process. Is it possible?

Hi @ankita_gandhi, if I understood you correctly - yes, you can do it.
You can create a recording of the actions you need to perform, publish it to Control Tower (it will be published as a bot task) and then reuse this bot task as many times as you need in business processes.

We are also planning to add an option to reuse groups of actions in WorkFusion Studio in different recordings.

Hi @ashapkina is there any update on the status of this feature request?

I know our team would love to see this implemented, as we currently save a “template.rpae” file with sequences containing script actions that we commonly reuse, and use it as a baseline to get started quickly on a script that follows a repeatable template. This has been a good temporary solution for us, but introduces its own drawbacks.

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Hi @Cmoeller no, this feature hasn’t been implemented.