Get Cell Value not working


When I try to copy a cell’s value into a variable in the RPA it won´t let me copy it. When I click run it appears that all the activities run correctly but the value doesn´t copy into the variable.

@jose_motacQiVg The values that you receive through Get cell value are stored during run-time only and are not visible in the variables panel.
On your screenshot, all three actions have been successfully executed, and you can see the value of “variable” in the execution-result.log file.

Please also see this topic for reference

But then, how can I paste this excel values into a notepad? For example.

You paste it from the variable.

  1. Type from variable

  2. Write to file

I’ve done exactly how you told me and nothing is written in the notepad once I save it, and the excel cell has a 2018 written on B2 Cell.

@jose_motacQiVg could you post your recording file?