Get Folder Contents - Order List Chronologically

I’ve noticed that every time I scan a folder for its contents with the “Get Folder Contents” action, I receive a list in alphabetical order.

I was wondering if I could sort this list according to the Date Modified.

Just for context, I have a folder on the network that is fed by different people, those files are taken by the bot and uploaded to a website, generating a file, which is saved in a different folder.
Those who put the file first in the folder, should have the returned file first.

Basically, all I want is FIFO.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @nicolasruschkarnopp,

Unfortunately, there is no such feature now.
If you want such feature in the future, I can move this topic to the “Feature request” category, where users will be able to vote for it. Just confirm it from your side:)


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Hello @iostapuk, I’d appreciate if you moved the topic!

Thanks in advance!

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@nicolasruschkarnopp please vote for the topic using the button at the top of the page to raise its priority.

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