Get Length action crushes


I want to leave all characters from this column (excel file) that are before spacing and dashes. I tried by just using Substring text action but not all values have the same length so I later tried to solve that using Get Length action.


Unfortunately, this didn’t pass so I am asking why Get Length action crushes and if there is any other declarative solution? I skipped the part with dashes because I believe that won’t be an issue.

Hope that @ashapkina will provide the prompt solution as she always do :slight_smile:
Thank you

Hi @bbulajic please copy and share the whole text of the error.

Hi! I found the cause of the error. I made a variable (type: number) and named it char. That is not allowed so I simply rename the variable and it worked.

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great @bbulajic :+1:
thanks for letting know