Get specific elements from lists or table


I have a problem. I have two lists - one list with the IDs of the input fields of a large webform, and one with the values i need to set into the input fields. I am looping through the list with IDs and is using the IDs in an web element - set value XPATH for choosing the right input-element. The value I want to set (with the same web element) is in the other list with values.

The values in the one list have the same indexes, as the relevant ID in the other list. I guess - in theory (and in java etc.) - you could use both two lists or a table with the two lists. But is this possible in RPA Express?

One possible solution i can think os, is if I could get index(5) etc. of a list? Is that possible? :thinking:

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Does anyone have a clue? Can I conclude that this is not possible for now?

If the question is difficult to understand, then I will try to rephrase it :slight_smile:

Can you check in automation acadmay one example is there named with rpa deep dive example…i am not sure but you can see once then i think you will get some idea…

Hi Sharad - interesting.
Are you able to post a screenshot or something? I have just made an Academy-user, but i can’t find the RPA deep dive example :confused:

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You are correct that example got removed:upside_down_face:

For a short moment i thought that I had the solution: Making an iteration-number-variable and incrementing it with 1 (Expression value) for each loop iteration (list1), and then using “Enter keystrokes” -> “Text from variable (list2)” with the iteration-number-variable as “index-number”.

…But unfortunately index-number can only be a number and not a number variable :joy:

I am just trying the same. For me is a MUST to be able of get an element of the list without iterating…

edit: I just find a solution in another post.

Thanks! Humm… Not bad - and it looks like you can use a numbervariable as filter (correct me if i’m wrong).

I am wrong - i can’t get the numbervariable as filter to work. Is any one else able to do this?


Did you work out the answer to this question? I am assuming that you mean the following:

List [Element1, Element2, Element3, Element4…] so I have constructed a list at one time and now I want to access the data that is in list position 3 - in this case “Element3”

Rather than iterating through the list with conditions I would like to go directly to the right place using a pointer and access that data. For example if I wanted to write the data in position 3 to notepad I would go:

clipboard = ${list[${pointer}]}
Keystroke ctrl+v

Did you find a solution to this? Is it even possible to find data directly in lists or tables in this way?

Hi, I think you can find the answer in the Knowledge Base. See the link.

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I have a similar issues in addressing the position of the list variable and the link provided above doesn’t turn up since the Web page is not found. Kindly share the solution if any.

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@Arthi here is a new link for this Knowledge Base article

Thank you @ashapkina

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