Get Value from For loop using excel and passing value to Xpath

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I am trying to read data from excel and pass to website. I am reading data from excel using Get Range. I loop through row and another loop to get single value. I need to pass those value to website in xpath. How to get second value in loop through index?

Please look into it.


Khalid (1.5 KB)

Hi Khalid,

You can specify the Index in the second loop. (1.3 KB)

Thanks @ashapkina

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I need to update last column of each row in excel from variable value. I am using forloop.
I already tick “save file after last action”. Below is my screen for the same.

It is not setting value to cell to last cell.

Please look into it.



It looks like you insert it in the same cell (current cell).
You should add an action to move the focus to some other cell after inserting the value.

Thanks for quick response. I tried, instead it is setting the value to start of column rather then last column.

Attaching screen and recording for reference. (5.7 KB)

Set active cell before starting the loop

and then insert the value in the cell below

Thanks @ashapkina. :slight_smile:

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