Get value from web page table


I’m trying to get the total $ figure from a web page table. I’ve tried all the possible Xpath’s in the area where the total sits and none of them work. I either get the error message, cannot find Xpath, or for the below Xpath, I got the error 'unable to process template with name: WebElementAction.ftl

Because it’s a table, do I need to search in frames?

The issue I’m having is that the table is different depending on which club I am logged in to. So the Xpath will work on the first club, but for other clubs in the loop, it cannot find the Xpath.

Any help would be great,

Hi, @clairemobbs can you share the html code of the element you need to get the text from? Would be great if you could share the code from several pages where the tables differ.

Hi @ashapkina
Hope this is what you are after:


Here it is for another site login:


So, it is always going to be after the cell with the text Total, right?

Try using this XPath: //td[text()='Total']//following::td/div/span

Thanks I want to try this but I’m having trouble getting the bot to go to the end of the web page so it can search for the element.
I posted about it in another discussion but haven’t heard back yet. What’s the best way to go to the end of a web page?
I tried clicking on an image then entering keystroke ‘END’ but it isn’t finding the image. I’m limited to what images I can get the bot to click on because it needs to be something that doesn’t navigate to another page.

The web element doesn’t have to be on the screen to be able to interact with it.
Does the web page load dynamically when you scroll it?

I don’t know what that means?
Just tried it with the XPath you provided and it didn’t work. Caused by: ‘no such element: unable to locate element’.

Have you tried enabling the option I have recommended in the other topic, to use key combinations and type without switching to the window?