Get value web element error

Good afternoon, please help with activity get value for web element, this execution return attached error. error.txt (11.8 KB)

Attached the image the activitie and selector xpath:

Attached image for selector correct:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @leydy_zapata it looks like the ID of the element is dynamic and changes every time you open the page. Try creating a relative xpath manually using other attributes.

Perhaps, such xpaths will work://div[@class="status"]/span or //div[@class="status"]/span[1]

Hi @ashapkina, i am try with you solution and is impossible capture the info.
Is there another way to do it? In this moment using OCR but return error
trying to make the capture. Please your help.

Do you get an error when you use xpaths above?

As you can see, the selector that I am using is pointing to the value that I require and is unique to the page, additional to the OCR as an option that I use and throws the attached error, what is strange to me is that until the day yesterday was running smoothly, that’s why I come to you again. Please help with the case, since not with web element or with OCR I can read the information and this project was already very advanced.

The OCR license has expired earlier today, so you will need to update to a newer version of RPA Express (2.2.1) with a new license to be able to use OCR.

What error do you get when you use Web element action with Xpath?

Thanks, @ashapkina, please your help with the problem web element get value, is not possible the capture with xpath current.

I remain attentive


This error attached


Maybe, the element isn’t fully loaded on the page when you try to save its value?
Try adding a time out to the Web element action.

Also, try using single quotes instead of double ones in the Xpath.