Get Window Title doesn't work

Hello, beginner here.

I cannot figure out why the action ‘Get Window Title’ will not get the title of the excel I’m opening? See image for details.

I’m opening excel and then the specific file with the Launch Application action. I have the .exe path followed by a space and then the file path I’m opening. This seems to work fine - opening the file itself. Additionally, Autodetect window is toggled on (box checked).

Then I run the Get Window Title action followed by typing the variable to Notepad. The Get Window Title action is delayed for the excel file to open up. I find that if I don’t delay it, it will get the file name of excel’s boot screen, “Opening - Excel”. I’m not sure why it won’t get the excel file itself’s file name? It seems to just be empty. No typing in Notepad.

Any help is appreciated!

Hi Ryan, looks like there is no focus on the opened window. We’ll investigate it. Try this workaround for now:

  • add a Window action before reading the title to make sure the focus is on the right window