Getting data from Excel


I am getting information from excel for a “form filling” process… I have took information from excel and applying in the form using “open spreadsheet”. I want to check whether the mandatory fields are already available in excel before applying in the form. Can anyone suggest some solution??

@saranya_p is it somehow related to your question above?

Do you still have this issue or have you solved it?

@ashapkina for a particular excel only i couldnt load recording file…other excel file i could access…

my question is not related to this" unable to read file error"

Please provide more details about what you need to do, the file you extract data from, your recording, what form you need to put data in.

I want check whether all fields are available in the given excel.if any of the cell is blank it should throw an message that " the field is missing"

You can use If-Else condition for it.

@ashapkina for every row we should use if else ??

@ashapkina…i have tried as per the below picture.i could able to get only account id is invalid.even someother fields are blank also …its showing account id in valid


Yes, you can read the data in a table and use For Each loop to check if any cells are empty

Can you share your recording?

process (1.8 KB)

@ashapkina is there any solution for above code i have sent??

The script works correctly.

If the cell 2 in a row is empty, the bot writes “account id ${serialno} is invalid to the file”. Note that it is set to overwrite the contents, not add new text to it.

If cell 4 in a row is empty, the bot adds text “account name ${serialno} is invalid to the file”.

Do you need the bot to do different actions?

i need a code like if the robot see any blank cell it should delete the whole row. I have tried another solution like "if(row[1] is empty)
{ open spreadsheet
get row(3)
ctrl+ -
} .
its deleting the row…but sometimes it is not deleting. but it is not throwing any error

You can use 2 For Each loops in this case to check if any cell in the row is empty, and delete the row f it is.

You can find solutions to delete a row in this topic

Here is also a sample recording (1.1 KB)