Getting error as Chrome not reachable (6.7 MB)

My scenario is to hire new employee in SuccessFactors Employee Central( SFEC) , Cloud HR System.
I have created a process to read employee details ( Hiredate, firstname, lastname… e,t,c) from Excel sheet and create employee details in SFEC system through transaction ( Add New Employee ).

Step:1 Process reads employee details from Excel and stores in list variable.
Step:2 Process open the URL in the browser and feed company name
Step:3 Process feed UserID and password and login the system
Step:4 Process executes the transaction ( " Add New Employee" )
Step:5 Process has to feed list values into corresponding Xpath

My process is getting failed in Step:4 and triggering error as " Chrome not reachable"

I have attached the recording, NewHire employee record in Excel sheet.

Kindly check and let me know the issue

@lm_deloitte_vR We have released new RPA Express 1.3.0, which works with the latest version of Chrome rather than Chromium Portable. I have just tested your script, and the action that used to fail is executed in Chrome.