Getting error: OCR Action failed



Trying to capture images through OCR but getting error “OCRAction got failed”.


@Dee_Rochani - which version of RPA Express are you using?


Beta version


which exact version? 1.1.1 or 1.1.2?

You can see version in the version.txt file


version is 1.1.1 beta


You need to download and install the 1.1.2 version to re-enable the OCR trial license.


Even i am getting the same error and tried reinstalling with version 1.1.2 beta still same error.
Have installed 1.1.2 still OCR Action is getting failed. How to make sure the ocr license is getting enabled. would be great if you can provide steps for debugging this issue and help in making ocr feature working.



make sure the OCR service is up. If not, click Start OCR.


Yes the OCR Service is Started