Getting training support via tags on Forum


Dear trainees,

Automation Academy team changed the way of requesting support on Forum.

Separate categories for courses have been removed and replaced with tags. Please check a short instruction on tags usage below. Hope it will make your learning journey a bit more effective :slight_smile:

If you faced an issue while doing Power User courses or completing assignments in advanced courses, there are 3 simple steps to get the support from WorkFusion trainers:

  1. Browse forum to look for the same issues prior to posting a new one

  1. If there is no solution to your problem, create a new topic. Please make sure that you choose the right tag corresponding to the path you are working on.

  1. Your post will appear under a particular tag. You can subscribe to this tag in order to receive more solutions and stay up to date.

Please use the following existing tags for advanced courses:

  • ml-data-analyst
  • ml-engineer
  • ae-specialist
  • it-specialist
  • analytics
  • delivery-manager
  • solutions-consultant

It will it easier for us to find your request and help you :wink:

Best regards,