Give us a feedback about new Dashboard Design



Hi everyone!

We in Academy is working on improving student’s experience and the next step what I would improve is a student’s dashboard.
I would love to get a feedback from your side about the new dashboard template we’ve prepared:

This dashboard is focused on the Community and Partners students. We’ver splitted it on 3 sections:

  • About the Academy - intro videos, link to download RPAx and learning paths.
  • Learning Paths tracking - there you will be able to see your overall progress on the learning plan.
  • And links on ongoing courses.

I will be happy to get an any feedback from your side.

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Nicely framed dashboard… Great work…


Dashboard is very nice,
A quick suggestion/Observation:
I opened the dashboard on chrome browser and my laptops resolution is 1366*728.
With 100% zoom on browser, dashboard was going out of screen, i.e width is little greater and I needed to scroll horizontally to view whole page.
The current dashboard we have opens with perfect horizontal width as of screen as compared to the new one.


Well done Yury! The dashboard is very elegant, stylish and neatly organized. I am continuously surprised by your consistent efforts in providing the best learning platform.


This is a picture now, when it will be converted to HTML we will follow the rules of adaptive layout. So it will looking good on the small screens as well as on mobile phones.