Good Use Cases for Manual Tasks in RPAExpress

Hi, I’m new to this manual tasks feature. Why would I need to use this and what are good use case examples that would require me to utilize this ability?

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Hello @martina_r.
You can try to watch this video on our YouTube channel:
Also we have an example in our documentation:
And finally you can pass our Automation Academy course “Mastering Business process”, it describes creating business process in details -

Hope this information helps you.

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@martina_r in addition to use cases shared by Lera, there are very diverse applications of manual tasks, but in RPA Express they are generally used to:

  • review the results provided by the bot. In case you think there might be mistakes in the data the bot collects, and it needs to be reviewed by a human before the data appears in the process results, you can use a manual task at the very end of the process to review them and correct, if required.
  • provide human input for actions that cannot be automated. For example, if only a human can press a certain button or fill in some field in the application, or provide some data that cannot be provided in the input data, etc. The person can perform this action and submit the manual task so the bot will go on with the process.
  • decision-making for some non-standard cases. If the bot needs to perform different actions in different situations, and in some cases, it is not clear and the case needs human assessment, the task can be sent to a human who will make a decision, based on which the bot will continue working.
  • error handling. If a bot fails to perform a certain task for some reason, for example, it doesn’t have enough data for it, a human can provide this data (or perform other actions to fix the issue) so the bot can finish the process.

Hope it helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

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