Google Chrome has stopped working

Hi every one …
i have one recorder file when i run it some time its work fine and some time its not open the url and is showing the below window, how to handle this error .

Thank you…

@Jitendriya what version of RPA Express and Chrome browser do you use?
Perhaps, the chrome driver needs to be updated.

I am using WorkFusion RPA Express Version 2.3.1 Lumen and chrome Version 77.0.3865.90 ,
So which version of chrome driver i need to updated and where i update the chrome driver .

Try using this version of the driver

Here is the instruction on updating it:

Actually i am download the latest version of chrome drive but i am not found the location IntelligentAutomationCloud\RPA\rpa-grid\drivers\windows\x32 , so where i update the chrome driver .
i am not able to update the chrome driver .
Please tell me how to update the chrome driver .
Thank you …

@Jitendriya you should have this folder. It looks like this

If you have an older version of the software, it will be folder
RPA Express\RPA\rpa-grid\drivers\windows\x32.

If you don’t have it, I can only recommend reinstalling Intelligent Automation Cloud.

Sorry for asking this type of question i know this is very normal question.
I am try to replace the old chrome driver to new one but its showing the file in use dialog box, (i am close my all project)
image .
Thank you

Did you close RPA Express completely and stop all of its processes?

yes , i do this but its showing same dialog box .

Try looking for this process and end it in the task manager. Otherwise, I can only suggest reinstalling RPA Express.

I am already end the process from task manager and try .so now only one way to reinstall the Rpa Express .