Group by data in Excel sheet

I have 3 columns in excel sheet.


sample data:
State Code Pincode Amount
KA 560100 200
TN 523789 1496
KA 560100 340
AP 518598 980
KA 560098 786
AP 518599 680

I want to sort data group by state code ,zipcode and calculate Total amount of.

How we can achieve this using RPA workfusion studio?

Hi @vema.sampathi as you will need to apply different filters, you will need to open the file on the screen and make mouse clicks and keystrokes like a human would do.

  • save all possible zip codes to a list variable
  • open the file
  • sort column 1 A to Z
  • sort column 2 A to Z
  • for each zipcode in the List:
    filter column 2 by the zipcode
    calculate subtotal for visible cells

Here is a sample script
excel-sorting.rar (21.3 KB)