Handling Dropdowns

How do I handle drop downs when there are external plugins attached, e.g select2?

I have a page where for some specific reason an external (select2) plugin is attached. When I try to run a bot which will select a specific option from the dropdown, the bot does not identify the dropdown, but the moment I remove the plugins, the task is accomplished.

I cannot remove the plugin for some specific reason, I need to know whether there is any solution to the problem, where the bot can identify the drop down without removing the plugin.

Hi @pbasubaul,

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I had been looking at the Jquery(Select2) Plugin, The Bot doesn’t really identify the dropdown because the plugin replaces the select box as their own dropdown elements in Html format and the sample i have shown below,

So what you can really and easy way to do is you can use their Jquery script codes in “Custom Action” to work correctly.

Please follow this link for further information about the plugin execution,


Hope this information helps :slight_smile: