Harvesting of data within and PDF filenames/paths into excel

Looking to harvest data within and the filenames/paths of a group of PDF files within 1 folder “A” and key into an excel table.
While iterating, I would like to use “launch application” to open the ‘item’, then use OCR to harvest data within the PDF
After keying the file name and data into excel table, the PDF file is then copied to folder “B” and the original file in folder “A” deleted.


However, there is an error in step 5.
Which I believe is due to an unexpected character ‘’
error message “Script1.groovy: 6: unexpected char: ‘’ @ line 6, column 59.”

How can I set the cell value to be the path of the file in excel?


Hi Dominic,

This is a known issue. It doesn’t allow writing quotes and some other characters in some files.
We have fixed it for the upcoming 1.1.9 release.


Trying to read an excel data from 1 workbook to another using read file and write file, but facing the below issue for writing the file. Someone please help us find the reason behind it.

Hi Amulya, this error occurs because of the dollar sign in the text. We have fixed the issue for the future release.


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Thank you.
Great software

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