Having trouble installing RPA Express



Hi there,
I’ve been trying to install the RPA Express but it has not been successful. Do you know by any chance what this could be? Here is a screenshot:



The installation is prevented from the completion by your anti-virus or anti-malware software.
Disable your anti-virus or anti-malware software and try to install again.


Hi there,
Our director from the Business intelligence team had noticed that your software is a beta version. Is there any way we can get a non-beta version? We would hate to be at risk if we need to remove and reinstall the anti-virus software. Thank you!


What version do you have? 1.1.8 is the latest, iirc.


Hello Kyle,
We had download the latest RPA express-what we were given by rpaexpress@workfusion.com


It should be 1.1.7


The version is:
timestamp=Wed 10/25/2017 11:12:42.41



In RPA Express 1.1.8 we are planning to remove JNativeHook, which produces most of the anti-virus alerts.


Hello there,
Thank you. We are definitely not in a hurry, but any chance you know how long it will take to remove the JNative Hook? Thanks again!


next release (without JNativeHook) will be available on the 15th of November. Until then, you cannot remove JNativeHook