HELP - How to loop files using get folder content and Open spreadsheet cmd



Hi Everyone,

I hope you can help me looping a list of files which I need to open i Excel open spreadsheet function.

Here is what I do:
get folder content (saved into a list)
For each (item) in (myList)
Open spreadsheet ( ${myList)} )

I test the content of ${myList)} by writing each char to a file like this: ${myList[index])} however
there is garbage in the end of the file ( like this ooooo) so the Open spreadsheet command does not work.

How to remove this garbage from my list values or to execute this in a better way.

PS I use RPA Express 1.1.9

I hope you can help!


This morning I tried to change the file from .xlsx to the old Excel version xls. However, the problem is the same. The last to char in the file extension is not readable.

I tested this by writing the char to a file and I get an exception every time I get two the lat to char.

I’m a newbi, please help me get around this issue.



Hi Michael,
You should use ${item} as the path to the file inside the loop.
If this doesn’t work please share your zipped recording here, we’ll have a look.



Hi Ashapkina,

You are right just misunderstood the which variable that I needed to use. However it does not work with I use the old version of Excel (xls). I can load the files but the operations does not work … not the same result as for xlsx files.

Luckily I want to use xlsx so it looks like everything is working, otherwise I will update this thread in the morning.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Glad to know it helped :slightly_smiling_face:
However, you should be able to open .xls files like this, as well. At what step does the error occur, when writing the value to the excel file?


Hi @mc1
I seem to have the same problem as you with the “garbage” in the filename when using the “get folder content” action.
The correct filename in my example is:
“…\9 0B78427531_0111 28217351328_RNT_JUNIO DE 2017_10.pdf” but the get folder content function returns this:
…\9 0B78427531_0111 28217351328_RNT_JUNIO DE 2017_10.pdf
The complete path up to the filename is read correctly. Only the filename is messed up.
I tried removing the “garbage” with the replace text action but that function doesnt do it.

How did you clean up the filename?


Tim, does the filename work if you use it as a path to the file or when you copy it to a text file, for example?

It seems that the value is stored correctly, but there is a bug in the way some characters are displayed in the execution-result.log file, similar to the issue with some language-specific characters: International characters handling.
We will investigate it.


Hi Alesia

it works correctly when I delete the first part of the filename like this:
RNT_JUNIO DE 2017_10.pdf
it does not work with this filename:
9 0B78427531_0111 28217351328_RNT_JUNIO DE 2017_10.pdf

Strangely RPAx doesnt like the first part of the filename.


Hi Ashapkina,

It was just a simpel test but It does not work for the old Excel files - but I currently don’t need that. I guess I was just wondering if there was a reason.

Best regards,


Michael, could you please share your recording so we can have a look.
This is supposed to work with .xls files, as well.


Hi Ashapkina,

I tried to reproduce the error in a new recording but that is not possible, so the error must be me :wink:

Best regards,