How can I add an escape sequence to include a Dollar Sign to be stored in a Variable and hence in an Excel cell reference?




Please refer to attached image. I am trying to include ‘$’ sign that I want to have stored in a Variable. Also, my use case requires me to set this value stored in this variable to be stored in an Excel Cell Reference. It won’t just set the cell value with a special character and would end up throwing the error as can be seen in the attached image with the post.

Thanks in Advance for your Help!


Dollar character problem

@Sharma_Nikhil - what is the RPA Express version?


In the new 1.1.1 RPA Express version, you can use Dollar sign as variable value:


Hi, I am using 1.1.0-beta version, and later using this version I was able to take out substring of the entire string containing “Dollar” symbol using the “Text” functionality of the new release.

Thanks for the response though.