How can I restart the chrome browser

Hello all,
I got two questions. Please help!

  1. restart chrome browser
    I try to call close() function for close chrome browser, then call Open website action. It was not successful. I got an error message which is ‘Caused by: org.openqa.selenium.NoSuchSessionException: invalid session id’ (1.1 KB)

  2. checking decision rule in the control tower
    I made a workflow in the control tower. If the variable equals true value, then run the task again. I found something very strange, the task only runs 4 times and stop the business process.


Hi @PeterLin regarding issue 1, it is the expected behavior. There is no need to close the browser, you just need to use another Open website action, and the new URL will be opened instead of the previous one.

As for your second question, Control Tower doesn’t support loops - all loops need to be implemented inside the bot task itself.

thank @ashapkina for your reply. I got your points, but I have some comments.
about issue 1, In our case, there are many tabs and small window in the browser , when the RPA click button again and again in our terrible and old system. so in the next loop, we hope the RPA have clear browser.

about issue 2, It’s action looks like loop. Thanks for letting me know it is not support.