How can I use a variables of one rpae file in another rpae file?

I have 2 work flows: fetching login credentials from excel is one rpae file, login to application is another rpae file.
Whow to do integration of these 2 rpae files?

Please help.

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Hi @smailymadhurSv,

You can try a solution from this thread - How can I copy recording steps from one recording to another in RPAx

Hope this helps!

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I want to call those steps of one rpae file into another while execution.
like at frirst rpae file i have parameters and in the second rpae file ( login application) to call the funstions , so that all credentails can be filled in this application from the previous file.
how to do it?

Hi @smailymadhurSv you cannot do it in Recorder, but it is possible to do it in Control Tower or in Code perspective in WorkFusion Studio:

Control Tower - publish both recordings to Control Tower and combine them in 1 business process;

WF Studio - export both recordings as Bot Tasks, and call one of the recordings from the other one using include-config plugin. See an example in this thread: