How can we create invoice bill



Can we create invoice bill though workfusion recorder. If yes, how can we achieve this task. Please help.



please provide more details of your business case. For example, what application is used to create invoices, data sources, etc.



Like the application of make my trip, after booking the flight we get an email of invoice bill receipt, so like that we can generate invoice bill through work fusion or not.



Hi Jasnoor,
You can do rule based automation using rpa express. If you can follow a certain set of rules to create such an invoice you can use rpa express. If there are no set rules that can be followed, it would be a use case for our SPA product that has cognitive automation.

From what i can gather, you would have set of inputs here such as invoice, amount, date etc. and you can use Excel actions in the recorder to populate an invoice in excel and then save it has pdf. (You can even use word to do so).