How can we get X-PATH from already open browser?


How can we get X-PATH value from already opened browser?
I have created one html page and I am clicking on submit button.One popup window is opening. I want to get-XPATH from popup window.How can we get?
please suggest.It’s urgent

Dear @arju_kumarbFZa,

Please see this guide -


Dayana Aitash
WorkFusion Service Desk

Hello Dayana,

Thanks for your reply.
But the link you have shared, I have already gone thorough it. Switch browser is not working for already opened browser.
Could you please let know how can we x-path value of already opened browser?
Suppose I have opened google manually . Now I want get X-PATH of google search text box. How can we get ?


Have you tried right-click element > Inspect > right click element code > copy > Copy XPath ?

Hello azinchuk,

Yes . I am able to copy X-Path and pasting it into web element inside XPATH of target element as you can see in below screen shot, but while I am running script it’s not finding search field(means entering data into text box). I have opened google manually not from Recorder script using open browser action library.

Any one could you please help on this?

@arju_kumarbFZa - please share this recording here

or tell which website are you trying to open

I have already opened manually. Please find recording (1.0 KB)

Switch to Browser can be used when you launch the browser with the Open Website action:

You can use the Window action, if the browser is launched already.

Get more information regarding XPath in RPA Express here: