How can we make Automation Academy better?


Dear Students!

Feel free to share your thoughts about Automation Academy and suggest improvements:

  • new topics we should cover in the courses
  • ideas for assignments
  • interesting examples we should cover
  • any other additions you would like to see in the training materials

Our trainers would love to hear your feedback!


The course needs to be updated with the recent Workfusion version. There are many UI changes in new version


Hi @agodbole are you talking about some course in particular?


Power User Basic. I guess it is using 8.x version and the training instance has 9.x version

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Yes, you are correct. We are currently working on updating the material in Power User Basic with the new SPA version.

Thank you for the feedback :grinning:

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Dear Valentina-san

Thank you for your many supports and for increasing capabilities of Japanese in Automation Academy courses.

I would like to want to increase assignments for handling many types of Excel files a little more.

Because we are having many experiences of handling Excel files in doing daily operations so that we will try to build bots for many types of automating for handling Excel files. I can find many questionnaires and troubles of related Excel files in this Forum. I think there are many people who wants to know handling Excel files by RPA Express.

Many thanks.
Best regards,
Shigeki Hagiwara


Dear Team

Thank you for your many supports.
I want the multilingual correspondence for the course of the Automation Essentials as possible as sooner. Because this course is the step 1 of the Learning Paths of RPA Express. Remaining Courses are already in multilingual.

Many thanks.
Best regards,
Shigeki Hagiwara


Recommendation: I have completed the Automation Essential course, would highly recommend to the folks who would like to step into the automation industry.



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the course is outdated. the quality of the course is not very good. It’ll be helpful, if the videos can be updated by providing illustrative examples.
Also, the auto close functionality of the browser. If this feature/pain can be removed it’d be really helpful. It is really difficult to develop reusable code w.r.t. browser based application otherwise.


Hi @ayush what course are you talking about?


The powerhouse course… Certifications…
For instance -
While running/ opening the RPA Express, it was being done using tray icon in the video, but in the current version it’s not available likewise.

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Thank you @ayush. We are planning to re-make this course.